Human Language Technology Research Institute
Valeriu Finley Lacatusu
PhD Student in Computer Science. Research Member of HLTRI since 2002.
Text Summarization
Center for Emerging Natural Language Applications
Center for Search Engines and Web Technologies
• F. Lacatusu, S. Maiorano and S. Harabagiu, "Multi-Document Summarization using Multiple-Sequence Alignment", In Proceedings of LREC-2004
• S. Harabagiu, F. Lacatusu and S. Maiorano, "Multi-Document Summaries Based on Semantic Redundancy", In Proceedings of FLAIRS-2003
• S. Harabagiu, F. Lacatusu and P. Morarescu, "Point and Paste Question Answering", In Proceedings of AAAI Spring 2002 Symposium Workshop on Mining Answers from Texts and Knowledge Bases

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