Yang Liu                                                                            


            Associate Professor                           
            Computer Science Department
            The University of Texas at Dallas
            email: yangl@hlt.utdallas.edu


2018: I left UTD already. Here is my latest CV.

I joined
UTD Computer Science Department in the Fall of 2005.
I am part of the Human Language Technology Research Institute,
and the Center for Robust Speech Systems.

I am also an affiliated faculty in the department of Electrical Engineering.

My research interest is in human language processing (that includes both speech and written text!).


Professional service:

Area chair, ACL 2016
Tutorial co-chair, NAACL 2015
Panel chair, SLT 2014
Area chair, ACL 2014
Area chair, EMNLP 2013
General co-chair for IEEE Workshop on Spoken Language Technology (SLT) 2012
Faculty advisor for Student Research Workshop, ACL 2012
Organizing a special session at Interspeech 2011: Spoken language processing of human-human conversations
Area chair, ACL 2011
Organizing a workshop at ACL 2011: Summarization  for different genres, media, and languages
Giving a tutorial at ACL 2011 and Interspeech 2011: Summarizing Text and Speech

Subject editor of Speech Communication, 2013-2015
Associate editor of IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing, 2012-2016
Associate editor of ACM Transactions on Speech and Language Processing, 2011-2013
Associate editor of ACM Transactions on Asian Language Information Processing, 2013-present



                 NSF CAREER award, 2009
                Air Force Young Investigator Program award, 2010

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