Speech and Language Processing Lab

                                    students: Shasha Xie, Fei Liu, Dong Wang                 
                                students: Yandi Xia, Youngchan Kim

                       students: Je Hun Jeon, Rui Xia, Duc Le

                      students: Deana Pennell, Fei Liu, Zhonghua Qu, Chen Li

                                students: Je Hun Jeon 

                       students: Dong Wang

                     students: Khairun-Nisa  Hassanali

Past projects:


    Yang Liu  
    Zhongyu Wei

Current students:  
    Zhonghua Qu (Ph.D student, CS)
    Yi Li (Ph.D student, CS)
    Chen Li (Ph.D student, CS)
    Youngchan Kim (Ph.D student, CS)
    Yandi Xia (Ph.D student, CS)
    Yang Jin (Ph.D student, CS)
    Zachary Stallbohm (Ph.D student, CS)

    Thamar Solorio (Postdoc, currently Assistant Prof. at Univ of Houston)
    Feifan Liu (Postdoc, currently Nuance)
    Xian Qian (Postdoc, currently Bosch)
    Shasha Xie (Ph.D student)
    Fei Liu (Ph.D student)
    Je Hun Jeon (Ph.D. student, CS)
    Deana Pennell (Ph.D. student, CS)
    Dong Wang (Ph.D student, CS)
    Khairun-Nisa  Hassanali (Ph.D student, CS)
    Rui Xia (Ph.D student, CS)
    Melissa Sherman (Master student, Cognitive Science, currently Ph.D student in Communication Disorder, at UTD)
    Keyur Gabani (Master student, CS)
    Bin Li (Master student, CS)
    Duc Le (Undergraduate student, CS, currently Ph.D student at Univ. of Michigan)

Group gathering at ACL, 2014 (nice seeing several former group members).

Pictures from NAACL 2009, in Boulder, Colorado.