Altaf Rahman

TMI (Too Much Information) about me

  • According to AI Genealogy my earliest recorded doctoral ancestor was Dr. Holger Pedersen. He got his PhD from University of Copenhagen in 1896. My connection with him : A. Rahman(2012)→V. Ng(2004)→C. Cardie(1994)→W. Lehnert(1977)→R. Schank(1969)→J. Mey(1960)→L. Hjelmslev(1923)→H. Pedersen(1897).
  • My Erdös number is ≤ 6 : A. RahmanV. NgC. CardieL. LeeN. TishbyN. LinialP. Erdos.
  • I am a regular blood donor of American Red Cross. I also donated blood in New York Blood Center, Sandhani and Puget Sound Blood Center. So far I have donated 23 times (as of 01/30/2014).
  • I was a member of the Executive Committee of Bangladesh Student Organization in UTD (Nov 2007 - Nov 2009).
  • I am an avid photographer. Check out my flickr page. My current gear is Canon 5D Mark II.
  • Me (2005), my younger brother (2006) and my father (1975) have completed under graduate studies from the same engineering college - Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET).
  • My great grandfather, Habibur Rahman Bhuiyan, was a World War I veteran. He fought with sword against Germans on Egyptian soil.
  • Outside my country so far I have visited numerous cities in Italy, Czech Republic, Belgium, Monaco, Vatican City, France, Scotland, Wales, England, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, China and United States. I have lived in Dhaka (Bangladesh), Dallas (TX), Mountain View (CA), Ossining (NY), Seattle (WA), San Jose (CA) and Paris (France).
  • Bangla is my mother tongue. I can speak fluently in English. Besides, I can read street signs in French, German and Spanish !
  • Currently I can solve a scrambled 3X3 Rubik's Cube in slighlty less than 2:30 minutes.
  • The highest place I have ever been to : Pikes Peak ( 14,115 ft from sea level ).
  • Celebrities I have met or seen so far : Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Henry Kissinger (Nobel Laureate), Muhammad Yunus (Nobel Laureate), Amartya Sen (Nobel Laureate), Steve Ballmer, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Marissa Mayer(I shook hands with the bold ones).
  • My Y-chromosome haplogroup is R-Z94 and mitochondrial (mtDNA) haplogroup is U2b1. I am 50% Southwest Asian, 29% Southeast Asian, 10% Northeast Asian, 6% Mediterranean and 4% Northern European. I am 2.2% Neanderthal and 97.8% Homo Sapiens.