Ensemble-Based Medical Relation Classification


Medical Relation Classification, an information extraction task in the clinical domain that was defined in the 2010 i2b2/VA Challenge, involves determining the relation between a pair of medical concepts (problems, treatments, or tests) such as a treatment improves a problem, a test reveals a problem, etc. Eleven types of intra-sentential pairwise relations are annotated in the 2010 i2b2/VA corpus. A brief description of these relation types are provided in the following table.

Id Relation Example
1 TrIP: Treatment improves medical problem Her pain resolved after surgery
2 TrWP: Treatment worsens medical problem treated with Zofran with no relief
3 TrCP: Treatment causes medical problem Transdermal nitroglycerin caused headache
4 TrAP: Treatment is administered for medical problem start on Decadron 4 mg q6 to prevent swelling
5 TrNAP: Treatment is not administered because of medical problem His Avandia was discontinued secondary to the side effect profile
6 NTrP: No relation between treatment and problem with sutures intact and no erythema or purulence noted.
7 TeRP: Test reveals medical problem A postoperative MRI revealed no remarkable findings
8 TeCP: Test conducted to investigate medical problem An ultrasound was done to rule out cholestasis
9 NTeP: No relation between test and problem Throughout the stay his labs remained normal and his pain controlled.
10 PIP: Medical problem indicates medical problem with a moderate-sized, dense, fixed inferior defect indicative of scar
11 NPP: No relation between paired medical problems He is somewhat cantankerous and demanding of the nurses.
Table - The 11 medical relation types for classification.

Our ensemble-based approach to the Medical Relation Classification task is described in the following paper.

Jennifer D'Souza and Vincent Ng. 2014. Ensemble-Based Medical Relation Classification. In Proceedings of COLING. pp. 1682-1693.

This page is the access site of the complete set of cue phrases developed for the task of Medical Relation Classification.


Download file with cue phrases for Medical Relation Classification.

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