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We have released the software/code used to produce the results in some of our previous papers. Software/code not listed below is currently not available. Sorry!

       CherryPicker: a supervised English coreference resolution system
          CherryPicker has been empirically compared against other publicly available coreference systems.
          Check out this page if you encounter installation problems.
          Reference: Rahman & Ng EMNLP 2009 paper, Rahman & Ng JAIR 2011 paper

       SinoBerryPicker: a rule-based Chinese coreference resolution system
          SinoBerryPicker achieved the highest score for Chinese coreference resolution in the CoNLL-2012 shared task.
          Reference: Chen & Ng CoNLL 2012 shared task paper, Chen & Ng COLING 2012 paper

       Linguistically Aware Coreference Evaluation Metrics
          This software package implements the linguistically aware versions of the commonly-used coreference evaluation metrics, such as MUC, B^3, CEAF_e, and CEAF_m.
          Reference: Chen & Ng IJCNLP 2013 paper

       SinoCoreferencer: An end-to-end Chinese event coreference resolution system
          SinoCoreferencer comprises eight information extraction system components, including those for entity extraction, entity coreference resolution, and event extraction, each of
          which can be run in a standalone manner. It extracts event mentions belonging to one of the 7 event types and 33 event subtypes defined in ACE 2005.
          Reference: Chen & Ng LREC 2014 paper

       The Keyphrase Extraction Package: an unsupervised keyphrase extraction system
          Reference: Hasan & Ng COLING 2010 paper

       Morpheme++: an unsupervised, language-independent morphological segmentation system
          Reference: Dasgupta & Ng NAACL HLT 2007 paper

       Disorder mention normalizer: a rule-based system for linking mentions to discorder concepts
          Reference: D'Souza & Ng ACL-IJCNLP 2015 paper

       Spatial relation extraction system: a sieve-based system for extracting spatial relations
          Reference: D'Souza & Ng EMNLP 2015 paper

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