Chinese Noun Phrase Coreference Resolution: Insights into the State of the Art (中文名词短语共指消解:探究研究现状)

Chen Chen and Vincent Ng.
Proceedings of COLING 2012: Posters Volume, pp. 185-194, 2012.

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Compared to the amount of research on English coreference resolution, relatively little work has been done on Chinese coreference resolution. Worse still, it has been difficult to determine the state of the art in Chinese coreference resolution, owing in part to the lack of a standard evaluation dataset. The organizers of the CoNLL-2012 shared task, Modeling Unrestricted Multilingual Coreference in OntoNotes, have recently addressed this issue by providing standard training and test sets for developing and evaluating Chinese coreference resolvers. We aim to gain insights into the state of the art via extensive experimentation with our Chinese resolver, which is ranked first in the shared task on the Chinese test data.

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SinoBerryPicker, the Chinese coreference system described in the paper, can be downloaded from this page.

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