Recovering Traceability Links in Requirements Documents

Zeheng Li, Mingrui Chen, LiGuo Huang and Vincent Ng.
Proceedings of the Nineteenth Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning, pp. 237-246, 2015.

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Software system development is guided by the evolution of requirements. In this paper, we address the task of requirements traceability, which is concerned with providing bi-directional traceability between various requirements, enabling users to find the origin of each requirement and track every change made to it. We propose a knowledge-rich approach to the task, where we extend a supervised baseline system with (1) additional training instances derived from human-provided annotator rationales; and (2) additional features derived from a hand-built ontology. Experiments demonstrate that our approach yields a relative error reduction of 11.1--19.7%.


The annotated datasets used in this paper are available from this page.

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