FIP: A Fast Planning-Graph-Based Iterative Planner

Jicheng Fu, Farokh Bastani, Vincent Ng, I-Ling Yen, and Yanzheng Zhang.
Proceedings of the Twentieth IEEE International Conference on Tools in Artificial Intelligence (ICTAI), pp. 419-426, 2008.

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We present a fast iterative planner (FIP) that aims to handle planning problems involving nondeterministic actions. In contrast to existing iterative planners, FIP is built upon Graphplan's intrinsic features, thus enabling Graphplan variants, including SGP and FF, to be enhanced with the capability of iterative planning. In addition, FIP is able to produce program-like plans with conditional and loop constructs, and achieves efficient planning via novel algorithms for manipulating planning graphs. Experimental results on several nondeterministic planning problems show that FIP is more efficient than the well-known planner, MBP, especially as the size of the problems increases.

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