UTD: Ensemble-Based Spatial Relation Extraction

Jennifer D'Souza and Vincent Ng.
Proceedings of the the 9th International Workshop on Semantic Evaluation, pp. 862-869, 2015.

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SpaceEval (SemEval 2015 Task 8), which concerns spatial information extraction, builds on the spatial role identification tasks introduced in SemEval 2012 and used in SemEval 2013. Among the host of subtasks presented in SpaceEval, we participated in subtask 3a, which focuses solely on spatial relation extraction. To address the complexity of a MOVELINK, we decompose it into smaller relations so that the roles involved in each relation can be extracted in a joint fashion without losing computational tractability. Our system was ranked first in the official evaluation, achieving an overall spatial relation extraction F-score of 84.5%.

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